USB Thermometer

  • Direct router connection
  • Outer sensor included (1M)
  • Data is displayed in °F or °C
  • Informative Web Interface:24-hour graph / Current temperature / Min/Max 24 Hours
  • Alarm Max/Min Thresholds
  • Continuous Reporting to syslog
  • Email & SMS Reporting on threshold breach
  • RoHS Compliant
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USB Thermometer is ideal for detecting the temperature of the room. It can directly connect to the Vigor Router’s USB port, and the outer sensor cable can accurately measure the temperature of the environment.

From the UI of Vigor Router, you can see the instant temperature record graph, and the maximum/minimum temperature. You can make alarm settings, then you will receive an email or SMS if the temperature gets too high or low. Through the temperature control, the IT equipment can run at a proper temperature. Furthermore, these alarms can also be viewed in our Syslog Tool.

USB Thermometer can be used as IT cabinet and computer room environment monitoring to detect the temperature at all times and keep machines normally running.