Central AP Management

Use your router as a wireless controller for VigorAPs

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Use your router as a wireless controller for VigorAPs

  • One Management Portal for All

    As the Internet gateway, Vigor Router offers a central connection to all the APs on its LAN. From the router, you can check if an AP is online, perform a firmware upgrade, save a configuration backup, or trigger a remote reboot. No need to logging into each device’s management page anymore.

  • Automatic Provisioning of VigorAPs

    You can create a wireless LAN profile on the router in advance, and let the router automatically push it to any VigorAP connecting to the router’s LAN. Therefore, you can save the time and technical resource for setting up the access point when you need to add more of them to the network.  Auto Provisioning VigorAP with Vigor Router

  • A Centralized View of all the APs

    On the status monitoring page, the router presents a list of all the VigorAPs on its LAN, where you can see their IP address, operating channel, SSID of each radio, number of clients, and firmware version all in one page, and the AP offline can be easily spotted.

  • Wi-Fi Client Load Balancing

    Keeping an AP from being overloaded and assure good Wi-Fi performance by applying a client limit or traffic limit to it. When the number of client or amount of traffic of a single AP reaches the threshold, make it disassociate the idle client, the client of the weakest signal, or stop accepting new clients.