VigorSwitch P2121


VigorSwitch P2121

8-Port PoE L2 Managed Gigabit Switch

  • 8 Gigabit PoE+ capable ports with PoE power budget up to 140 watts (since f/w v2.4)
  • 4 Gigabit SFP/RJ-45 combo ports for uplink
  • VLAN configuration based on 802.1q tag, MAC address, and protocol
  • Auto Voice VLAN and Auto Surveillance VLAN to optimize call and video quality
  • Secure Local Network by 802.1x Port Security, ACL, IP Source Guard and DHCP Snooping
  • Support IPv6 with MLD Snooping, IPv6 ACL, and IPv6 DNS Resolver
  • Authentication by local database, multiple RADIUS, and TACACS+ servers
  • IEEE 802.3az (Energy-Efficient Ethernet) Compliant
  • Support SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, and Syslog for network monitoring
  • Compliant with Switch Management of Vigor Router

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VigorAP 920R Series

802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Band PoE Outdoor Access Point


  • IP67 Rated Dust & Water Resistant
  • Concurrent Dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 with 2x2 MU-MIMO
  • Delivers data rate of up to 867 Mbps in the 5GHz band and 400 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with PoE In support
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with PoE Out support (RP model)
  • 4 SSIDs with unique VLAN setting, Access Control, and Bandwidth Limit policies
  • Features AirTime Fairness and Band Steering for better Wi-Fi user experience
  • Built-in RADIUS server for 802.1x authentication
  • Improve roaming experience by Fast Roaming & AP-assisted Roaming
  • Provide multiple operating modes - AP, Bridge, WDS, and Universal Repeater
  • Support both stand-alone and controller-based setup


For yderligere info.:  VigorAP 920R


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Security News

Meddelelse om vigtig Security Opdatering til DrayTek routerne.

Vi har i dag modtaget nedenstående oplysninger fra DrayTek Corp. vedr. en vigtig Security opdatering. Vi vil på det kraftigste anbefale alle til at opgradere til den nævnet FW for at undgå problemer.  Og husk at det altid er en god ide at begrænse mest muligt, hvem som har mulighed for remote adgang til ens router.


ScanAccess / DrayTek Danmark


From DrayTek Corp.:

We have become aware of security reports with DrayTek routers related to the security of web administration when managing DrayTek routers.

In some circumstances, it may be possible for an attacker to intercept or create an administration session and change settings on your router. The reports appear to show that DNS settings are being altered. Specific improvements have been identified as necessary to combat this and we are in the process of producing and issuing new firmware. You should install that as soon as possible.

Until you have the new firmware installed, you should check your router's DNS settings on your router and correct them if changed (or restore from a config backup). We also recommend only using secured (TLS1.2) connections for web admin (for local and remote admin) and disable remote admin unless needed, or until firmware is updated. The list of updated firmware versions is as follows. We will be uploading the new firmware as soon as possible.

  • Vigor2120, version
  • Vigor2133, version
  • Vigor2760D, version
  • Vigor2762, version
  • Vigor2832, version
  • Vigor2860, version 3.8.8
  • Vigor2862, version
  • Vigor2862B, version
  • Vigor2912, version
  • Vigor2925, version
  • Vigor2926, version
  • Vigor2952, version
  • Vigor3200, version
  • Vigor3220, version
  • VigorBX2000, version
  • Vigor2830nv2, version
  • Vigro2830, version
  • Vigor2850, version
  • Vigor2920, version

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Kære Vigor3900, Vigor2960 og Vigor300B bruger

Vi har i dag modtaget nedenstående oplysninger fra DrayTek vedr. muligheden for at udefrakommende kan få Vigor3900, Vigor2960 og Vigor300B til at stoppe med at sende/route trafik,  Vi vil på det kraftigste anbefale alle til at opgradere til den nævnet FW ver. 1.3.3 for at undgå dette.  Og som DrayTek skriver så er det altid en god ide at begrænse mest muligt hvem som har mulighed for remote adgang til ens router.


ScanAccess / DrayTek Danmark


Dear partners,


We just received a vulnerability report yesterday. This vulnerability could cause Vigor3900, Vigor2960 and Vigor300B routers to malfunction and stop passing traffic.
Our R&D staffs have released a fixed firmware 1.3.3 today Thursday 22 march 2018, we strongly recommend the user who has these models to upgrade f/w to 1.3.3 as soon as possible.
Here is the fw download link:

We also strongly advise customers to set up access control lists to limit router access from the Internet to specific IP addresses if management from the Internet is necessary.
Thanks for your  cooperation

DrayTek Corp.



Fra DrayTek vedr. Meltdown og Spectra sikkerheds issue

Recently there are some reports about CPU security issue known as Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715) that will lead to the leakage of information from memory. We also received some concerns from DrayTek partners and users whether DrayTek devices are affected by these attacks. Fortunately the reported affected CPUs are not used in DrayTek products. We are free from this vulnerable issue. For more details you may check below.

Intel security center

Arm Processor Security Update


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